Becoming a “Friend” of Little Common Library is a positive way of showing support for the aims of, and contributing to the work of the Library.

Membership of the Charity which administers the Library is comprised of Friends of Little Common Library and Library Volunteers. Although Friends are not usually involved with the day to day running of the Library, they are eligible to vote and stand for election as officers or committee members and to participate in special Library events. Friends are invited to make an annual contribution of not less than £10.

If you are interested in joining us please call in to the library and speak with whoever is working there on the day. They will pass on your details to the committee, who will contact you to arrange your visits and the chance to join us at a working session. Alternatively, use the Contact page here to let us know of your interest.


The library is run entirely by volunteers, including the committee. Everyone does either a morning or afternoon in the library approximately once each 4/6 weeks. Whilst in the library we have to move the book stacks into place, take the covers off and place a couple of chairs for readers if they would like to sit to look at the books.

We take donated books in, renew books and stamp all the books going out. The returned books have to be re-shelved, which often means moving the other books around on the shelves.

Monthly working groups
Once a month we meet on a Wednesday afternoon in the main hall of the Community Centre to process newly donated books. The session runs from 1.00 to 4.00. The books are catalogued, labels put in and then they are covered. These books are then placed on the trolley for the volunteers to put on the shelves during their session. We take out and replace approximately 50 books per month. All new books are marked with a 'New' sticker and will initially be placed of a 'New Books' shelf.

                  A Working Party at work  - some of them are having coffee in the kitchen


Volunteering at the Library
New volunteers are invited to spend time with two others who are experienced in the work for at least two sessions where you will be shown how to deal with returns and issue books, where the catalogue is kept and all the things you may need to find in the library.

Whether you are in the library or at a working party there is some physical work involved.

Although at the moment we have sufficient Volunteers, the need for new ones does often arise - if this occurs it will be advised here with details of how to apply.


The Library was fortunate in receiving generous start up donations which made it possible to put it on a sound financial footing and fund some overdue modernization. However, it needs a regular income to prevent rapid erosion of its funds in day-to-day running costs, which amount to some £3500 annually. Being a Friend will make a big contribution in helping to secure the future.

If you are eligible and willing to allow tax to be reclaimed on your donation through the Gift Aid Scheme it would cost you nothing extra, but for every £10 donated, the Library would receive an extra £2.50. At the Library, you can pick up a Donation form which includes a Gift Aid declaration.

"Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are." Mason Cooley


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